The Works of Miracle Worker

Hickman’s latest play runs February 1st - 3rd at Hickman High School Auditorium

Nathan Roberts

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Helen Keller was an accomplished author, political activist, and was the first deaf-blind person to receive a BA (Bachelor of Arts) degree. Miracle Worker is Hickman’s latest play, and is about Helen Keller’s early life, and how she finds the way to be able to communicate. Hickman cast and tech crew for the show are all nervous, but well prepared for opening night.

“We had a good rehearsal last night,” Hickman Theater teacher and Director of the play Mrs. Sarah Gerling said. “We’ve got a few little tiny tweaks that we are going to make tonight, but I feel great going in.”

Wilson will be playing the role of Captain Keller, father of Helen Keller. Captain Keller was a former confederate soldier.

“He’s very opinionated and aggressive,” Wilson said. “But there are parts where you see his softer and weaker side.”

According to Freshman Dany Dakhlallah, playing Anagnos in the play,  the cast and tech for the show has put in countless hours in preparation for the play.

“We’ve been rehearsing since after thanksgiving break,” Dakhlallah said. “So it’s been a while. It’s also taken a lot of effort outside of school and outside of rehearsal too. [We’ve] researched the characters and truly understand what [the character] means when he says something.”

In conclusion, the show crew is ready to not just act, but make their characters come to life once more.

“Come see the show tonight!” Senior and part of the stage crew Brandon England said.

Curtains open at 6:30 pm, and starts at 7:00 pm. You can also see the show on February 2nd, and 3rd.