Setting the Stage

Marissa Kraus, Reporter; Sports Editor

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On the morning of Thursday, August 22nd. students filled up theater teacher Ms. Gerling’s classroom for the years first meeting of Kewpie Stage Players (KSP). KSP is Hickman’s theater club. They meet every other Thursday. There were about forty in attendance at the Thursday meeting, comprising of old and new members alike. “This amount of people is pretty typical for meeting at the beginning of the year, although it is on the higher side,” said KSP vice president Anna Smith. “Meetings tend to get smaller later in the year.” To start off the meeting, members enjoyed orange juice, muffins and other breakfast items while chatting with one another. After a few minutes of mingling, Anna Smith, vice president, Tanayia Broadus, president, Annaelle Herman, secretary, and Lindsey Oberle, historian, introduced teh new members to the rest of the group. Afterwards, members played a theater game called “Beastie Rap,” a theater game veteren members of KSP like to play. However, KSP is not all about fun and games. “One of the goals we set for KSP this year was to do more activities as a whole,” said Smith. “We plan on doing more service projects together this year.” In addition, Smith said that as vice president she is in charge of middle school outreach so she wants to plan activities with middle schoolers and get groups of them to attend productions. Tanayia Broadus, senior, who is the president of KSP, has another goal for KSP. “One main goal for KSP is for it to become even more of a safe and welcoming space that anyone can enjoy, even if they have not done theater previously.” said Broadus. Broadus also said that being in KSP has been a highlight of her high school experience. She wants it to have the same impact on others that it does her this year. “I’ve made a ton of connections and friends with KSP, “ said Broadus. “all through the shared love of theater.”