The Scoop on Dairy Queen


This year, DQ has already re-established itself as a favorite lunchtime hangout

Halid Ibrahimovic | Reporter

We all like to go out to eat at restaurants, whether it be breakfast, lunch, or dinner and during the lunchtime hours of Hickman high school the easiest location to get to is the Dairy Queen. As Hickman junior Jacob Schroeder says, “Dairy Queen is an easy walk away instead of having to cross an intersection,” which is part of the reason why it’s such a popular lunchtime destination for Hickman students.

 Now, when you go to a restaurant, whether it be fine dining or fast food, you go first and foremost for the food, and Dairy Queen has plenty of that to offer. When you order the “Five Buck Lunch” there it comes with a variety of different foods, such as a sundae, fries, a drink, and the choice between a 3 piece chicken, a deluxe cheeseburger, a bacon cheeseburger, or a chicken salad which, as Jacob puts it, is a “good deal.” 

However, Dairy Queen is best known for their deserts and Danny Saab, junior, says that he does “enjoy Dairy Queen” because “the ice cream is always very cold,” even though when I asked him what he thought about the food, he said he would prefer eating “anything else near Hickman.”

Service is also a vital part of a good restaurant experience and Jacob says that “if you get here early [the wait time] is not so bad but if you get here late it is,” which can be an issue since you do have to be back at Hickman by the time your class starts.

All in all, although Dairy Queen might be a long ways away than the Hickman cafeteria, it has presented itself as a true lunchtime alternative for many students. Dairy Queen is located at 700 Business Loop outside of Hickman High School.