Dear Hickman,


Hi Kewpies! This is Marissa Kraus, your P&G sports editor.  As you’ve probably noticed, this issue is very different from any in the past. With this change, my hope is that the sports section is much more identifiable and organized so that more students can engage with Hickman athletics. Engaging with Hickman athletics is so important because, unfortunately, the past couple of years student support of athletics had been lacking.. Fortunately, there have been things implemented at Hickman to try to rebuild our school spirit, such as Krash Games and a re-glorified DPO. Although it may take a few years, I think Hickman is on its way up as a place where we all bleed purple and gold. 


In the meantime, we can all take part in this rebuilding of school spirit. Yes, watching people tackling each other may not be everyone’s idea of fun, but there are so many activities and sports at Hickman that you are bound to find something to semi-enjoy. Having school spirit doesn’t have to mean just sports. Theatre, band orchestra, color guard, dance, the list goes on of students to support. 


My hope is that this section can also play a small part in this rebuilding. In Flashletics, we will be updating you on all the sports currently happening, with possible highlights and features down the road. I hope this can serve as a place for information on Hickman athletics so that you are informed on what’s going on in the sports world and maybe even help you find a competition to attend. 


A phrase we often hear at Hickman is “we are Hickman.” We are Hickman, so we must support each other in any way we can. 



Marissa Kraus