At Least Six Injured in California School Shooting


At Least Six Injured  in California School Shooting

Bryce Robinson | Lead of Online Media Release 


At approximately 8 am the Las Angeles County Sheriff’s Office received a call stating that there was an active shooter at Santa Clarita High School about 40 miles outside of Las Angeles. When deputy’s arrived on the scene attempted to locate the shooter but when unable to. At that time they secured the building and recover all of the injured persons from the scene. 


The Sheriff for Las Angeles County tweeted on his twitter “ If you live in neighborhood s anywhere near Saugus High, PLEASE LOCK DOORS and stay inside. If you see suspect, male dark clothing, in backyards, etc. CALL 911” He would later tweet one hour later that there was a suspect in custody. The suspect’s name has not been released but it has been confirmed by law enforcement that he is a 15-year-old Asian male. He was taken into custody after being transported to a local hospital. 


Local Law Enforcement has started reuniting students and parents at a nearby park; on school buses with armed law enforcement officer on board to protect the students. Nearby schools were placed on lockdown as a precaution, at this time there is no known threat to any other schools in the area. 


Update 11/18/19


As the investigation into the shooting at Saugus High School continues we are learning more information on the shooter and the victims and their condition. We now know that there has been two victims that have been killed from this shooting, Grace Anne Muehlberger, 15, and Dominic Blackwell, 14, died at the hospital. They both Sucommed to .45 caliber rounds from the shooter’s handgun. Two other students were hurt in the shooting last Thursday. 


Witnesses heard the shooter counting his rounds and saving the last one he used on himself to shoot himself in the head. He was later pronounced dead one day later at the hospital. 


Investigators have been going through the suspect’s social media and talking to his friends and girlfriend. Sheriff Alex Villanueva said that the suspect does not fit the profile of the “normal” School shooter. He is not a “loner,’’ he has many friends and a girlfriend the Sheriff said. 


There are several officers that are being credited with saving student’s lives. There were two separate deputies who, at the time were dropping off students that went to the school. They saw hundreds of students fleeing from the school. One of the deputies stopped the students and asked them what was going on. The student then responded “Someone is shooting” the officer proceeded to run towards the gunfire when they arrived there was no more shooting and they secured the scene and started to treat the victims. One of the deputies saw the firearm lying next to one of the student. (Who they would later find out to be the shooter.) He instructed one of the administrators to go retrieve a medical kit from the office. 


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