Who Is On The Boone County Ballot?

Your briefing on the 2020 Missouri gubernatorial candidates.


This November, the presidential seat will not be the only thing on the ballot. Missouri voters will also be voting for their governor. There are four candidates running in this race.

Mike Parson (Republican), Nicole Galloway (Democrat), Rik Combs, (Libertarian), and Jerome Bauer (Green) are set to debate on October 9th at the Missouri Theatre, which will not be open to the public due to COVID-19 concerns. This gubernatorial debate will be live-streamed on the Missouri Press Association’s website.

Representing the Republican Party is incumbent Mike Parson, the current governor of Missouri whose platform includes issues such as banning abortion after 8 weeks, providing better internet to rural communities, and setting up a prescription database to fight opioid abuse.

Representing the Democratic Party is Nicole Galloway, the current state auditor whose platforms on issues include ending the Missouri Big Business Bonus, mandatory background checks for firearm purchases, and providing more affordable healthcare. 

Representing the Libertarian Party is Rik Combs with platforms such as slashing taxes, cutting spending, and protecting private property.

Representing the Green Party is Jerome Baur with platforms such as ecological sustainability, social justice, and education.

The P&G encourages students to do more research about these candidates and to make an informed decision on who to vote for as a democracy functions better when the people participate.