Homecoming Music Review

Ben Cohen and Zoie Cecil

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Homecoming weekend kicked off this year with a mandatory assembly on Friday, September 29th, followed by a football game on the same night, which Hickman won 68-0. The weekend’s events were far from over, however, with the Homecoming dance taking place on Saturday, September 30th, beginning at 8:30 pm. There were lines of people at the doors from 8 pm, all the way till the doors opened, and the music began.

The playlist started with a bang, consisting of mostly rap music, with pop sprinkled here and there, capping off with a slow song at the very end. Many students shared the belief that the song selection should have included more variety.

“They should have played more slow songs I think,” freshman Ella Bowles said. Many students shared the same stance. One senior, Annie Bruno, said she wished they’d play more slow songs so she “could have danced with her girl.”

Similarly, Senior Sophie Krug wanted a larger selection of music.

“I thought it was alright, but it was kinda hard to dance to,” Krug said. “I wish they played more bad pop, like 2010-2014 pop that we all know and can dance to, and can embarrassingly sing the words to.”

Junior Kari Harbour and Senior Briana Harbour thought that there was “too much rap played” and not much of anything else.

“They played the most typical stuff along with some currently popular stuff,” junior Andrew Worden said. “Of course they’re gonna play popular music, I just wish there was more varied popular music.”

Despite the conflicting opinions, however, a lot of people enjoyed the music, saying that it was “good, upbeat,” and that they enjoyed the festive environment.