Hickman Football Recap

Kieran Malloy, Sports Reporter

The Hickman Football team concluded its season with a single victory, its third in four years. Looking from the outside it was another unsuccessful season and most other teams in the area were not surprised. But this was not at all the case.

“If you look at our record for the season, you would think that it was just another cliche year for Hickman Football,” senior linebacker Noah Tamerius said. “But if you look at it from a game-to-game view, you will soon see the improvements we have made as a program.”

The team grew in leaps and bounds this year, working hard all year to develop into the best team they could be.

“Our strengths this year were not only in the offensive and defensive strides we have taken to be more consistent, but also the family and brotherhood we have established as a team,” said Tamerius.

This new mentality was spearheaded by the leadership corps of Kewpie seniors. The Kewpies never let the scoreboard dictate their attitudes on or off the field. Under the guidance of their seniors, they were a team that never looked back and was constantly trying to develop to be their absolute best. These seniors made it their goal to leave the program and their younger teammates better than when they came.

The type of legacy I hope I leave in the Hickman football program isn’t about the stats or individual accolades,” senior tight-end Airin Rolley said. “I wanna leave a legacy that I treated my coaches, teammates and fans with respect. That’s how I wanna be defined, not by statistical awards.”

“It’s about laying that foundation for the future of the program,” Tamerius said. “The seniors have to set the example. Leaving a legacy here is something I have worked very hard for. All the seniors and I have worked to start that ‘kewpie pride mentality’ for everyone to follow. We have laid the concrete for the rebuilding era.”

The Kewps finished with a record of 1-8, losing in the first round of district play. The conclusion of the year stung for the graduating class of 2018. However, it wasn’t a conclusion of sadness or self-pity, but one of blissful remorse that the seniors could not share the experience of reaching new heights in the upcoming seasons alongside their younger teammates.   

“My senior season with these guys, I wouldn’t trade it for the world, I love my brothers,” Rolley said.

Tamerius and Rolley, alongside the other seniors, have spent the last four years with less than ideal performances if you were to just look at the score sheets. But taking a closer look you will see that this team has done nothing but develop, work, and battle together as a team.

“No one hopes for a losing record. But looking on the bright side, we became a better team, and that’s all you can ask for,” Tamerius said.