The Kewpie Dream Team

The Kewpie Dream Team is making a name for the hip hop dance team through energetic and entertaining performances.

Shakira Cross, Reporter

On Tuesday, November 14th, the Hip Hop Dance Club of Hickman High, the Kewpie Dream Team, appeared during both A and B lunches showcasing their fourth performance at Hickman. As crowds gathering around, students whipping out their phones, and a couple of proud parents of the dancers watching waiting for the girls to hit it. All 9 dancers, in their snapback hats, lined up in position getting ready to show Hickman that the Hip Hop Dance Club is alive and well. As soon as the famous 2000’s hit, Usher’s Yeah plays, the crowd was immediately drawn in. Every move was hit with a punch and ended with a bang. The students of Hickman High all applauded and the girls were filled with joy and accomplishment.

It’s safe to assume that every student knows about the Hickman cheer squad and the dance team, but few know that Hickman has a Hip Hop Dance Club. On November 14th, they made it well known that they are present in this building. Formerly known as the Lady Diamonds, the club has recently changed their name to Kewpie Dream Team. There is a total of 12 dancers with Morgan Miller, sophomore, as captain, and Promise Nennie, freshman, as co-captain. Mrs. Herndon is their sponsor and Latonya Wafford, one of the girl’s mother, is the coach of the team. They meet every Tuesday and Thursday after school and practice tirelessly to make sure that they are in sync with one another. The team creates a sisterhood and a bond through their choreography and collaboration days. Kewpie Dream Team usually performs once a month and is excited to showcase their talent in the upcoming months. These girls have a passion for dance. The Kewpie Dream Team is making their dreams a reality.