Purple and Golden Oldies

Some of the oldest clubs at Hickman share their traditions, new and old.

Nathan Roberts and Caleb McElmurry

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There are many new clubs at Hickman coming into this school year: Ultimate frisbee, Hickman Sports Forum, Juggling Club, etc. But with all the new clubs this year, students still have not forgotten the clubs that have been here since… forever.

The Hickman Cresset, also known as the yearbook, was a founding tradition in 1912, by the yearbook club. Since then, the Cresset has produced a yearbook every year, making a grand total of one hundred and four yearbooks. The club has since been changed to a class that students take every year in order to contribute to producing a wonderful yearbook each school year. Take the class today and you will receive a language arts credit.

“You get the chance to capture everything that has to do with Hickman in one year,” yearbook teacher Kathleen Johnson said. “You get a really good excuse to go to all events and see all of the people. You get to take sweet pictures. You get to interview interesting students. You get a chance to create something that will live on far past your own time at Hickman.”

Another club that has been around for a long time is the Biology Club, which was founded by Biology teacher Rich Henderson around the time of 1963. Since then, the club has been handed over to Mr. Miller, a current Hickman science teacher, and has not stopped serving its true purpose of having students dedicate themselves to the environment and helping the planet.

“When he turned the Biology club over to me, he gave me two pieces of advice.” Miller said. “One was to keep the dues low, so that anyone could afford to be a part of the club. The other was to keep pushing environmental ethics.
Before the Biology Club, there was a club called the Hickman Science club, but in 1963, Science Club was broken into multiple smaller clubs. In other ways, the club has changed, but the club hasn’t stopped dedicating themselves to recycling not only in the building, but in the community too.

“We continue to push for outdoor activities,” Miller said. “We do a different activity each month. But what’s new now, we just do some things outside that are just plain fun. Like hike, or do a bonfire, or a camping trip, or a canoe trip. Because the shift a little is towards not just being environmental but also to get kids to have fun in the outdoors so that the people that enjoy the outdoors also protect it.”

The Biology Club has meetings the first Tuesday of every month and does outdoor activities such as picking up trash while canoeing down the Missouri River, cutting down honeysuckle bushes, which are an invasive species, and more.
Junior Classical League, also known as JCL, was adopted by Hickman High in the 1950s and has been educating kewpies about roman culture ever since. Classy, right? Sometimes mistaken as latin club, this club often has meetings to do activities such as watching movies, having bonfires, and going to museums. Hickman serves as the host of Junior Classical League’s state convention, and has worked with Rockbridge in order to host 66 annual conventions.

There are many more clubs that have been around for a long time, such as Key Club. Key Club is a nationwide organization dedicated to helping local community groups like the food bank and other non-profit organizations.
“Someone would join key club in order to make a difference,” sophomore and Key Club Treasurer Erin Green said. “There are new volunteer opportunities, and it benefits the people of Columbia.

Speak your mind forum, founded in 1990 by George Frissell, has provided students with an opportunity to ask questions and state their opinions for 27 years. Speak Your Mind Forum discusses issues like mental health, substance abuse, and bullying.

With all of the new clubs at Hickman this year, so many students have been given opportunities to do the thing that they’re passionate about. However, it’s important to remember the clubs that have been here since the beginning of time, because they rock!