Basketball Season Begins…


Maddie Stephenson and Kyle Peterson

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Hickman basketball stats over the last five years have been very hit or miss. It’s well known that Hickman and Rockbridge have been rivals in almost everything. Between academics, football, soccer, and anything in between -how will this rivalry affect this year’s basketball season? Hickman Varsity basketball ranks 130th in Missouri, led by the boys basketball coach, Cray Logan. The rivalry has gone back as early as 2004, when Hickman’s record was 4-21-0 and Rockbridge was 21-4-0.

Why are the differences so drastic? Different coaching techniques? Or the different abilities of each player? Jarvis Jennings, junior and Varsity player, gave some insight on his hopes for this years season.

“I have the best teammates in the world,” Jennings said. “They’re more than teammates, they’re my brothers.”
Jennings also expresses his goal to win a district championship this year.

“I think our season will turn out well and I think we have what it takes to win a district championship.”

Already a couple weeks into the season, Hickman Boys Basketball has won two games and lost one.

Moving onto girls basketball and the starting of their season. The team, led by Coach Anna Rorvig, has come back after losing two straight games at the beginning of the season. They have won their last two games and, with a home game on the 5th, we should see another win over Smith Cotton. Hickman basketball has started out on a rough patch, but teammates and players are hoping for the best, putting more of their trust in one another as a team and making improvements from years before. Will the Hickman v. Rockbridge rivalry continue? Will Hickman change past years for a victory in a district championship?