Passing the Hammer

Kieran Malloy and Savannah Armistead

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This winter season of Hickman Kewpie Basketball is looking to be one for the ages as their young squad looks to develop into a dominant team in their district under head coach Cray Logan. But through all the excitement around the hopeful young kewpie squad, a new era has begun just outside the purple lines. In the stands, The Dawg Pound Order has switched leaders from the previous rowdy group of gentleman that manned the stands during football season. Airin Rolley now clutches the hammer at the forefront of Hickmans student section.

“Actually I got the position because we had an incident where something happened on the account that offended administration and our sports teams,” explained Rolley. “I took it over and tried to change the whole atmosphere.”

When holding the honor of being the leader of DPO, one must not only be devoted and full of kewpie pride, they must also be able able to come up with creative ways to inspire those same feelings in each and every member of the Dawg Pound, a task easier said than done. This year, Rolley plans to begin a new chapter of the DPO, run for the students by the students, with a primary focus on getting each and every student involved in taking pride in our teams.

“ This year I’m trying to be all about the students and trying to incorporate them into the theme process and what should we do for games, just taking input from them because it’s their section also,” said Rolley
The Dawg Pound Order being the long standing Hickman institution has seen highs and lows throughout its history. With this winter’s season, Rolley hopes to set a legacy that will last long after the class of 2018 leaves Hickman’s Halls.

“I’m just excited to get DPO rocking again,” said Rolley, who has seen his fair share of Dawg pounds as a lifelong Hickman fan. “I know it’s not gonna happen overnight or the next game, but I feel if I lay a good foundation for DPO the future of it will be what it once was when we had like in 2013 with Jimmy Whitt, Mason Murray, Chris Clark etc.”
Brandon Farris assisted in the fall Dawg Pound during the football season and now has the perspective of seeing the student section from the varsity kewpie basketball program. An avid member of the front row rowdiness himself, as well as being an athlete, he knows how big of an impact the atmosphere of the student section can have on a game.

“We only have 4 home games left, so I hope to see a full section that will actually stay involved for all four quarters, because it really helps,” said Farris.

As rivalry games against the Jays, Bruins, and Spartans rapidly approach, Hickman will look towards the man with the hammer to lead our school to victories both from the scoreboard and the stands.

“I think I’m the right fit for this because I love Hickman and I have a lot of ties here so doing something to help the school out is great to me, even though I’m new at this I’ll figure it all out,” promised Rolley.

The new Dawg Pound is full of promise and hopes to make an impact on the Hickman atmosphere as we head into these next few months full of chances to get loud, pack the stands, and let all of our opponents know exactly what time it is. Hammer Time.