Finals Studying Techniques

TaNayia Broadus

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It’s finals week here at Hickman- this means that students are frantically trying to nudge that one grade up to a 90%, teachers are exhausted and the week just won’t seem to end. As the semester comes to a close, lots of students are finding themselves in a position of finding a good studying technique.


The key rule to studying is dividing your time. When you’re studying you should make sure to do it in 30/40 minute intervals- take a five minute break after each chunk of time to walk around or check your phone in order to process the information you just took in. If you enjoy studying in the company of others, another way to get effective studying results is to join a study group. Meet up with some friends from class at a local cafe or at someones house and study together.  For some people, if there are others there to motivate you, you can get more work done. But if you enjoy studying solo, some ways to get the best results would be by first, putting yourself in an area with no distractions- yes, that means putting your phone on silent-sitting yourself at a table, and surrounding yourself with all of your studying materials.


When it comes to actual studying methods, other ways to force the information into your brain can include quizlets, flow charts, repeating information out loud, reading old study guides, meditation, making sure that you’re able to explain your answer and teaching the information you need to know. If all else fails, to stay motivated, just remember that winter break is almost here…Good luck on the rest of your finals, Kewps!