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Carter Gourley, Reporter

Back from when I was in 6th grade, to late 7th grade-ish, three years ago essentially, I was essentially that dude you would say hi to in the hallways and never really speak to again. And, well, let's just say through some less than unfortunate circumstances involving a really really bad headache and some surgery, when I came back to school, for some reason that I can't entirely understand, people started noticing me. For some reason even though I'd done basically nothing for essentially the entirety of the first two years of middle school, at this point, aside from participating in the school's dungeons and dragons club, there wasn't really anything of note to me. and, welp, basically, form that day forward, I  finally had a large group of people who knew me, that leads me to now, where I can finally talk to people and work up the courage to do this interview... In freshman year, I had this class down as an alternate. And through some roll-of-the-dice shenanigans, whatever I originally had for the class was already full, so I just kinda ended up with Journalism. As for why I signed up for this class again, I wanted to become more sociable and I like the people I had for classmates. So what's the point in leaving?

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Carter Gourley