Lunch Bunch

Journey to Pizza Tree

Silvia Stambaugh, Ella Boyt, and Ben Cohen

This month the Lunch Bunch decided to go to, debatably, the best pizza place in town: Pizza Tree. Pizza Tree is a lunch bunch favorite for a day off campus. The drive is a quick 5-10 minutes and the wait for the food to arrive is another 5-10 minutes. However, Pizza Tree does not open until 11am, so the option for this delicious food is not available for A lunch people, sorry. Pizza Tree is a fantastic place for pizza in Columbia that is affordable and high quality. There are options to leave you feeling satisfied and full, but not greasy and oily. The thin, crispy crust tastes delicious and there are many options available to order by the slice everyday.


We ordered all of the available flavors to get a wide range of tastes and we tested all of the different options to get other students opinions on the pizza. We ordered Pepperoni, Sausage, the Northwood Buffalo Chicken, the Secret Margherita, Cheese, Flyin’ Hawaiian, and Truffled Crimini. Pizza Tree has the option for the classic pizza flavors but also makes great tasting, strange flavors for adventurous eaters.


We had Lauren from the P&G staff share her opinions on the original flavour. “If you’re one of what seems the very small amount of people that enjoy mushrooms, the truffled crimini pizza from Pizza Tree is for you. Upon first glance, it is very apparent that each slice will be packed full of flavor.” The entirety of the slice was covered in dark roasted mushrooms. The crust remained crunchy despite the large amount of mushrooms. A wonderful slice for any mushroom lover.


The Northwood Buffalo Chicken pizza was next on our bucket list. The slice consisted of buffalo sauce, banana peppers, cheese, and chicken. Emma shared her thoughts on the strange but delicious slice, “though a seemingly unusual combination, the tangy, mild spice of the buffalo sauce was not too overpowering and was balanced nicely by the sweetness of the banana peppers.”


“Each bite contained a perfect ratio of sauce to cheese to chicken and banana peppers. Unlike many buffalo chicken pizzas, the sauce did not soak into the crust, resulting in a crunchy, sweet, spicy, and overall fantastic slice of pizza that I would gladly eat any day.”


The final out of the ordinary slice we tasted was the Secret Margherita pizza. The Secret Margherita pizza has little cheese but the combination of flavors from the basil, pizza sauce, and chunks of mozzarella make up for the little amount of toppings.


“The crust is amazingly crunchy, and it has amazing taste. If you’re a cheesy kind of person, the cheese is seldom, but comforting. The crust is super thin and the basil is really great.” says Caleb, another one of our taste testers from our Pizza Tree excursion.


The flavors from the Secret Margherita pizza leave you feeling fresh and full but not greasy and oily like most pizza does. However, “If you wanna leave feeling full and greasy in the best way possible, try the Steven’s Cheese,” Kathleen Johnson, Hickman teacher recommends after discussing our favorite pizza tree flavors with the class.


Pizza Tree also has your classic pepperoni, sausage, and cheese pizzas which are all superb. “This pizza had me shook. The cheese was perfectly melted and had a smoky taste that left my mouth watering. I would have travelled a million miles for just a slice. It had me on the floor. After eating one of peppers, however, I fell to the floor in shock. As a white citizen of Columbia, Missouri, I don’t suggest peppers for people with a spice level of three,” Lexi Davis sharing her opinion on the pizza that she tried.


Overall Pizza Tree is our favorite pizza joint in town. The simple and clean atmosphere with fun and inviting picture on the wall make Pizza Tree the perfect place to eat with friends or family. All in all, we give Pizza Tree a 5 out of 5 stars.