September 20th Home Softball Victory


Marissa Kraus

On Thursday, September 20th, the Hickman softball team took on the Rock Bridge at home. The Kewpies won with a 14-4 score, a margin of 10 points, continuing Hickman’s winning streak against the Bruins. When asked about their victory, Hickman junior Zoe Derboven said “since I started playing, we have beaten Rock Bridge all three years. It makes me really excited and motivated to continue what our previous seniors started.”

The Hickman softball team has had a very successful season overall as well; their record so far is 14-4 as of September 27th. “We are all very excited with how we have been playing. We’ve all been playing each other and always have each others backs,” said Derboven. The girls also won their pool at the troy tournament and got third in the Jeff City Tournament.  Coach Courtney Haskell thinks they are having a pretty successful season thus far.

The girls won a narrow victory against the Bruins on the 20th. “It was a close game early,” said Haskell. “We scored three and then had three errors but the next inning we came back and it kind of blew open from there.”

Haskell thinks the best thing about their win was that it was a total team effort. “It’s alway nice when you get multiple people doing good things. Their team is genuinely happy for each other and it doesn’t really matter who got 4 for 4, as long as someone did.”

The September 20th game was also a Kewpie Krash Game. Haskell thought it was great to see a lot of students there supporting other sports. Haskell said, “It’s nice to have some renewed school spirit this year, and i think the girls truly appreciated it too for that game.”