Smart Tips for Freshman

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New year means a new start- Here’s our survival tips for incoming kewpies

Zach Fitch | Reporter

Starting high school can seem like a bit of a challenge. New school, new people, new environment, new rules, different schedules…huge seniors. High school often sounds scary and not a fun place to be at. Contrary to what you hear, high school isn’t a bad place and just takes time learning and getting used to all the new stuff. Below are a few tips from sophomores who have been in your shoes. 


  1. School Before Sports

When asked about managing sports and school, Sophomore Joseph Barbis’ suggestion was to always put school before sports. Because high school has block schedules many freshmen don’t know how they will manage their homework. Barbis stated that it’s always best to do your homework as soon as you get it. Many people are tempted to ignore the homework and complete it the next day since they won’t have to turn it in the following day. This isn’t always a good idea because if you end up with a lot of homework from your other classes you have to do a lot of extra work that you could have done the day before. 

  1. Write it Down

Sophomore Adeline Mwajuma suggests keeping a journal to manage school work because if you end up falling behind and your grades drop you could end up not being able to play sports. Additionally, even though most students don’t like taking notes and would rather avoid doing so, Adeline says take good notes in class. This is especially important because, when it comes to things like the EOC, you are going to need them. 

  1. Think Big Picture

Both Mwajuma and Barbis commented on the long-term importance of doing well in school. Mwajuma noted that, “as a freshman you will need to learn your actions will matter, school is important and you will have to start growing up.” She went on to mention that school is very important because if you want to get somewhere in life you are going to need school and whether you realize it or not you will need it. She recommended AVID and MAC Scholars because they are both are focused on college-readiness and are highly beneficial. 


Overall high school isn’t anything to worry about and some say it’s easier than middle school as long as you are up to date on stuff you need to be doing.