RIP Spiderman?


Last week’s news of Spiderman leaving the MCU has sparked a debate on whether he or Marvel will ever be the same again.

Diego Branda | Reporter


Last week, the internet broke when news of the Disney-Sony split resulted in the conclusion of Spiderman’s tenure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The two multi-billion dollar corporations could not come to an agreement concerning the distribution of profits each side was getting from the films.

Walt Disney Studios, who own Marvel Studios, wanted an increase in the profits they were getting, while Sony Pictures, who own the film rights to Spider-Man, weren’t budging. “Since the five year Disney-Sony deal was up, Disney wanted to change the deal to split profit from the Spider-Man movies 50/50 instead of the 5% they were getting,” explains Marvel connoisseur Cameron Reeves, senior. “Sony said no, and Disney basically said, ‘okay well he can’t be in the MCU anymore’ in an effort to get Sony to reconsider.”

But Sony didn’t reconsider.

Now, this begs the question: Is it permanent? Are we never going to see Spider-Man reunite with Marvel? Are more Marvel characters at risk of leaving too?

Luckily, that last question is already answered, thanks to Disney’s ownership of 20th Century Fox, which insures rights to everything not Spider-Man related. That being said, it is uncertain whether Disney and Sony will be able to come to terms any time soon.

“Best case scenario, it could be a short term thing, but it could very well be long term,” Reeves states.

Sadly, for now, we will have to wait and see whether the decision we all want is finally made, or whether we will have to face reality.