School Lunch Hacks


Health, quality, and tastiness all play a part in Hickman’s lunchroom

Zach Fitch|Reporter


Many Hickman students eat lunch at school, while others bring their own lunch from home or leave campus to get food nearby. Those who eat school lunch probably aren’t very fond of it, considering it isn’t necessarily high quality and people always seem to complain about the food either being stale, undercooked, or some other problem. Another common criticism is that there aren’t enough healthy options being served, and that the school or district should help improve the quality and nutrition of school lunch. Reports have stated that trans fat and other unhealthy fat have an impact on students which can prevent them from learning to their full ability. Students can develop unhealthy eating habits from eating school food all the time which can impact them as they grow older. 1 in 4 people in the United States will die from heart disease every year. Could school food be part of the problem? And if so, what do students think about it? We asked a couple of Hickman students for their take on the issue, and then we came up with our own eating options.


Student’s Take On the Issue

When Andrea Gill, junior, was asked various questions about school lunch and whether is should be improved, she said she usually got “pizza, fries, chicken nuggets, chicken tenders, lettuce, fruit, and sometimes milk.” When asked if she thought school lunch was getting better she said “I feel like it has gotten worse because in the past we had better food.” She also noted that people always complain about school lunch. Jamarion Jackson, sophomore, was also asked about school lunch, but he said “I normally get chicken strips and fries and that’s all.” He noted that there should be more healthy options and that he thinks the school is trying to keep students healthy. 


Healthier Lunch Ideas

Let’s take a look at what you can do to eat healthy at school. Many school lunch items have excessive fat, along with other bad things your body doesn’t need. The garden bar is a great place to start as it has a lot of healthy options to choose from, like salad, croutons, tomatoes, and salad dressing to make a good salad. Green and red pepper slices are available too, along with beans. If you aren’t hungry, a salad topped with tomatoes and croutons with a side of carrots and ranch dip makes for a nice lunch. If you just got out of PE and are looking for something to fill you up, tangerine chicken with rice and some fruit on the side is a great idea. Making sure you are healthy and full is an important part of your school life and it’s something you should take seriously. A healthy diet also improves mood, allows you to stay awake longer and think more clearly, plays a role in keeping a balanced weight, and so many others things that eating unhealthy doesn’t.