What You Missed From Back to School Night

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What You Missed From Back to School Night

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On August 29th, Hickman parents got to be the students for a change

Halid Ibrahimovic | Reporter 


The halls of Hickman during school days are teeming with people trying to get to class on time, but early in the evening of August 29th, the halls filled with parents instead. Back to School Night is a time where parents can follow their child’s schedule and also get to know their kid’s teachers better, basically going through an abridged school day.

When you enter the school on Back to School Night, you’re greeted by a few student volunteers who handed out the schedules for that night. The schedules explained the altered version of a typical bell schedule, in which the parents have to go to their child’s classes for a few minutes at a time, so they can visit every class and meet every teacher that their student sees everyday. 

“Its a chance to open our doors to our community and the family members of the students,” says Katie Wisch, Hickman teacher. “It gives us a chance to learn a little more about our students.” 

When I was walking around Back to School Night, I could see so many parents talking to their child’s teachers and asking them questions, and it was clear this night was very important to many parents.

“It’s important to attach a name to a face,” said Kelly, a Hickman parent in attendance, “so that I can get a feel of the teachers my children go to.” 

Although some parents were a little confused by the schedule, and occasionally struggled to get to their “classes” on time, Back to School Night was a visibly big success for parents and teachers alike.