Dungeons and Dragons Class Overview 1: The Fighter



The fighter is the go-to first-time player class, starting with ten health and gaining an average of 6 health per level up decided on a 10 sided dice or a d10. They also get the ability to wield any weapon and wear any armor the come across, off to the abilities this class gets as it levels up. At level one, your fighter gets the ability Second Wind, which allows you to heal 1d10 plus your fighter level, and fighting styles which allow you to become more specialized. Some of these fighting styles are as follows: 2+ ranged hit chance with bows,+1 armor, +2 damage with one handed melee weapons, and being able to reroll ones and twos for two handed weapons. Second level includes such wonderful features such as the arguably broken Action Surge, which allows you to make one more attack per day. Subclasses included with the core rule book are the Champion, which basically just says “we heard you like fighter so we put more fighter in your fighter;” the battlemaster, who is all about tactics and strategy; and the Eldritch Knight, who’s essentially a fighter who decided to be a mage that can actually take a punch. Level four allows you to increase your ability scores by either +1 in 2 stats, or +2 in 1, as well as giving you the option to take a feat, a talent in a character’s area of expertise. This is the same for levels 8, 12, and 19 with special mention of a fighter-exclusive improvement at level 6.

Level 5 gives your fighter its first extra attack with more coming at 11th and 20th level respectively. 7th level gives you another subclass feature with more happening at 10th,15th and 18th level. 9th level gets you indomitable once per day.

Well, that’s it folks, nothing of note happens for the rest of your level ups.