Lunch Bunch: Dairy Queen Edition

Ella Boyt, Omar Huesca, and Silvia Stambaugh

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For our first review, we thought it only fitting to visit our closest neighbor, Dairy Queen. The lunchtime rush begins right round 12:30, making it a pretty popular place for Hickman students to go. The lines go fast and your order comes out quick. We decided to order the four piece chicken basket with fries and gravy; a cheeseburger with tomatoes, pickles, and onions; and a small Oreo Blizzard.

We started with the chicken and fries. The individual strips were pretty small. They made up for their small size however, in saltiness. They had a good texture but they were the saltiest thing we ate the whole day. The fries however, were far less salty. They weren’t especially crunchy, but if you are looking for a snack before class, you can’t go wrong with Dairy Queen fries. Accompanying our chicken and fries was gravy. The gravy consistency was perfect but it had an overwhelming taste of pepper. It tasted very good with the fries and gave them a bit more flavor.

Next on the menu was the cheeseburger. It was a little squished and the patty had a greyish hue. It tasted only like tomatoes, pickles and onions. The plain burger patty didn’t really taste like anything. It was filling but it wasn’t spectacular.

The final course of our meal was the Oreo Blizzard. Of course, it was as great as one would expect coming from a restaurant who deems themselves the queen of dairy. Great for a hot afternoon or sweet treat to bribe your teachers with.

The real horrors however, come after the meal. We do not recommend eating an entire meal from Dairy Queen then continuing to class without any bumps in the road. The intestinal discomfort you will feel afterward is not something you want to feel if you are not near a bathroom. Definitely go in a different direction if you have P.E. next. All in all, we give Dairy Queen two out of five kewps.