A Spirited Week


Maya Doll, Editor-in-Chief

Spirit Week 2017, another four days of dressing up and building anticipation for Homecoming. This year the days included new themes and returning themes of tradition alike. Tuesday was Crayon day where students were prompted to dress up in a singular color, as if they were a Crayon. Wednesday, the day of the Charity Fair was of course Iconic Groups, and each queen candidate, plus her accompanying squad, chose a group to embody. Groups spotted were Moana, the crew from Aladdin, even the kids from the new horror movie, IT.¬†Thursday was “College vs. Middle School” and students came to play with their Abercrombie t-shirts and boot cut jeans competing with the oversized hoodies and sneaker trends of college. Friday as always was Purple and Gold day and an assembly day to get everyone hyped for the Friday night football game against Central Academy of Excellence. Hear are some pictures from the week. If you have more you wish to share, tweet us, or follow us on Instagram @pandgnews ¬†