Lunch Bunch: Adventures to Carlitos

Silvia Stambaugh, Ella Boyt, and Omar Hueseca

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When you first pull up to Carlitos you may not get the classy feel of a high quality restaurant, but one bite into their food and you’ll never want to pass up this place again. Also, by having a drive-thru, Carlitos makes it easy for high school students who are on a time crunch to get lunch off of campus. When you first enter the establishment, there is a very simple clean look that is nice for a restaurant.  While ordering, the friendly staff creates a very welcoming atmosphere. As reviewer Ella said, “the guy who took our order is the nicest person I have ever met in my whole life.” They offer suggestions on how to make your food taste better while not intruding on your personal tastes.

Once the food arrived, the smell was scrumptious. We ordered a beef taco, chicken enchilada, chicken tostada, and a chicken burrito with rice, beans, and cheese. The food presentation was not the prettiest, but the taste was amazing. The chicken enchiladas came with a chili-like substance poured on top. The sauce complimented the chicken enchiladas very well and without the sauce, they would not taste nearly as good. The beef taco according to Ella was, “one of the best tacos I have ever had and the only way that I could describe it is really, really good.” We would definitely suggest these tacos, which are a similar price to a taco at Taco Bell, but with more flavor, a less oily taste, and a better presentation.

The largest meal we ordered was the chicken burrito with rice, cheese, and sour cream. The flavor of the chicken was fabulous. Not too salty and not too bland. The rice complimented the chicken perfectly, and the cheese was the finishing touch. However, the cheese was not fully melted and none of the components of the burrito were mixed together. It was near to impossible to get a bite with all four ingredients. But over all, this is a great choice for lunch.

The final thing we ordered was the chicken tostada. It was topped with olives, cilantro, freshly chopped lettuce, juicy tomato, and refried beans. The chicken was perfectly seasoned but the cilantro was a little overpowering. The tostada was made with the same sized tortilla as the taco, so it was pretty small. However, it will hold you over until after school, when you have a chance to get a more filling meal.

Overall Carlito’s was a much more pleasant experience than our previous experience at Dairy Queen. The food left you feeling full but did not give you any intestinal issues or a stomachache. We would recommend this Mexican restaurant not just for lunch as a hungry teenager, but also as a nice place to eat out as a family. All in all, we give Carlitos 4.5 out of 5 kewps.  

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Lunch Bunch: Adventures to Carlitos