Last Minute Music

Ella Boyt, Camille Manary, and Silvia Stambaugh

Starting this week, students will be hearing music play over the intercom one minute before the late bell rings for class. The music varies in genre and is chosen by teachers but the media center is also taking suggestions. This started at West Middle School when they began playing music between class periods a minute before the late bell rings. Mr. McCarthy, assistant principal, came from Battle High School where they played passing music between classes.

According to Mr.Kome, “I think this is just a more relaxed way of getting people to class on time.”

Some students find the music very helpful, but others have different opinions. “It doesn’t really change anything,” said sophomore, Izzy Sullivan. “I went to Smithton, so I’m not really used to it.”

Sophomore Elena Seville said, “It’s taken from West [Middle School] so it doesn’t feel as original. I think that 8 minutes is long enough. If someone can’t get to class in 7 minutes then what are you doing?”

The media center will continue to play music for the rest of the school year. Although it is too early to tell, the hopes are that the music will decrease tardiness at the beginning of class.