Too Early for the Holidays?

When is it appropriate to start playing holiday music?

Nathan Roberts and Lauren VerBrugge

It’s that time of year again… or is it? Every year, radio stations start playing holiday music in October. Stores begin to decorate their stores with lights and start having holiday sales before Thanksgiving. But the question is… when is it acceptable to start celebrating the most wonderful time of the year?

People seem to either love or hate Christmas music, especially if it comes on before when they consider the holiday season to start. Some stores opt out of playing holiday music whereas others go as far as to start in October and November. Some stores even start playing holiday music during the Black Friday sales while everyone is shopping for the best deals on Christmas gifts.

All of the Hickman music programs begin practicing their holiday music after their October concerts, and then the long journey of preparing the perfect holiday piece begins.

“We, and this is pretty common for most performing ensembles, have to start with the holiday music ahead of the season just so that it is ready by the time the season begins,” Hickman Band Director Tom Sweeney said.

Although Hickman Music Ensembles practice holiday music before the season, some do not feel the need to enjoy listening to holiday music until the season begins.

“Personally to listen to, I kind of wait till Thanksgiving,” Sweeney said.

However, there are some that feel the need to consistently play holiday music at unusual times of the year.

“I think that stores and radios should begin to play holiday music on the complete opposite time of the year,” freshman Auden Shelby said. “That date is June 25th. Christmas music is good and makes me happy.”

Some even feel the need to start celebrating at the beginning of November.

“Once Halloween ended, everyone started freaking out about the holidays,” Freshman Ella Bowles said. “It starts feeling more like the holidays then because it starts to get colder temperature wise.”

Studies have shown that playing holiday music on repeat in stores can cause workers to have a harder time focusing and tuning it out. For some, the music is more annoying than cheerful. This is why the majority of Hickman students prefer to accept the movement of holiday music when the holidays begin in December, after Thanksgiving.

It doesn’t take long for some television networks to start their holiday countdowns and holiday commercials.

“I feel like a lot of people skip over Thanksgiving, and I think that it’s an important holiday,” Hickman Senior Saige Wells said. “It’s a time for family, so it’s a legit holiday. People get too freaked out about the Holidays even after Halloween, and I think that it is senseless. Personally, I like to start decorating my house on Black Friday. Lights, inflatables, you name it. People like to come into my neighborhood just to see our house. It kind of looks like a landing strip at times.”

With the holidays beginning, people can’t find a happier, yet sad time to start listening to holiday music. Whether or not you enjoy the holiday spirit coming early, it’s here and it’s everywhere. The music, the lights, the food, the decorations, is already up and going.