2017-2018 Staff

Kathleen Johnson


Hello Kewpies (old and new)! I’m Mrs. Johnson and although I have a fairly prestigious title, my job is really to sit back and let these awesome journalists do what they do best...tell your stories. When I’m not guiding young...

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Maya Doll


Hey it’s Maya! Basically, I swim a lot. And I write a lot. And I study a lot. As a senior, I’m actively trying to make my life very “senioresque.” That includes binge watching Friends instead of doing my AP Biology homework,...

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Emma Moloney


Hi, I’m Emma! I’m going into my second year on the P&G staff and journalism has become the love of my life… in addition to a few other things, of course. Besides doing it all, my primary focus is now being one of the...

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Anna Spell


Hey, I’m Anna: A little sassy and sarcastic, I’m at my best when I’m slightly caffeinated and have a book or pencil in hand. Besides working on the P&G, I love traveling, eating mango, and hanging out with dogs at the...

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Adrian Ruppar

Graphics Editor

Hi there, Hickman! My name is Adrian and I’m the graphics editor this year for the Hickman Purple and Gold newsmagazine. I’m a senior and this is my second year on staff, having been recruited to draw stuff for several issues...

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Savannah Armistead

Web Editor

Hi! I’m Savannah, I’m a junior, and this is my third year working on the P&G. When I’m not procrastinating on my mountains of homework, I cheer on the Hickman varsity cheer squad, go to as many concerts I can afford,...

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Nathan Roberts

Features Lead

Hey kewps! It’s your friendly neighborhood journalist always working to the bell on the latest and greatest student news. But if I’m not doing that, I’m probably in the fine arts building practicing my cello for an upcoming...

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Lauren VerBrugge

Arts & Culture Lead

Hey, Kewps! I’m Lauren, and I’m a junior here at Hickman. I’m involved with Hickman Review, FBLA, True/False film club, color guard, and the P&G. I love expressing myself through art, writing, music, and graphic design....

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Lindsay Andrew

News Lead

Hey there Hickman kids, it’s the head honcho of the news section. I’m here to bring you the sauciest information and updates on the situations that you need to care about. You may know me from my other works, such as New in...

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Ella Boyt


My name is Ella Boyt and I am a sophomore. I am new to the P&G staff and I help write the monthly food review. I love helping students stay mindful and informed about things happening in our school, community and our country....

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TaNayia Broadus


I’m TaNayia Broadus and I’m a sophomore this year. This is my first year being a part of the P&G and I’m very excited to experience this opportunity! Besides from the P&G, I’m also a part of the Hickman marching...

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Shakira Cross


Yo, yo, yo, it’s your homegirl Shakira Cross! I am currently a senior and I consider myself the Poet Laureate of Hickman High (joking). I am new to the newspaper world but I promise you I will provide Hickman with some “woke”...

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Ben Cohen


Hey! I didn’t see you there. I’m a freshman, and so far, HHS is most excellent. I’m in a band, and I play soccer. This is my first year writing for the P&G, and I can’t wait to contribute this year!

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Zoie Cecil


Hi there! My name’s Zoie, and I’m a senior at Hickman. This is my first year working in the P&G, and I‘m very excited to be able to help write about what’s going on at Hickman. My passions include anything artistic...

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Lexi Davis


Hi Kewps! I’m at a senior at good ol’ Hickman High and I’ll be working to keep you up to date with the politics of America! I’m really into politics (obviously), philosophy, poetry, and wicked cool art. I’m excited to...

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Omar Huesca


Hey, I’m Omar. I’m a freshman from West and I’m glad I’m in Hickman now. I live with my mom, brother, and my two rats. I’m not in any extracurricular activities except Zombie Defense League, but that’s just so I can...

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Camille Manary


My name is Camille Manary and I am a sophomore. I want to be more involved at Hickman because as a freshman, I was unsure of what I wanted to be a part of. I am playing on the girls golf team and it’s my first year working for...

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Kieran Malloy


Good Morning Kieran! It’s Kieran! I am a senior here at Hickman and this is my first year on P&G staff. I have had a passion for journalism for the last few years and am excited to bring that to the P&G. During a normal...

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Caleb McElmurry


Hello! My name is Caleb McElmurry, and I’m new here on the newspaper team. I like to play video games, and you might see me working on more nerdy stories because of it. I also like my hair. You probably won’t see me working...

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Kyle Peterson


Hi my name is Kyle and I’m a sophomore, I like football and video games. I don’t really do anything else unless I have to. I listen to a lot of music; my favorite artist’s are Logic and Kendrick Lamar. That’s it really....

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Silvia Stambaugh


I’m Silvia Stambaugh, a Sophomore, and interested in the world around me and writing about it. I like to be outdoors and travel. I also enjoy taking photos, videos, and documenting my experiences. I am excited to be writing...

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Maddie Stephenson


Hi! My name is Maddie and I’m new to Hickman, P&G, and Columbia! Being new to everything gives me a different outlook than everyday students at Hickman. I love to write and make people happy and I hope that you can see that...

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