The Wonders of Water

Why we drink water and the importance of it



Why we drink water and the importance of it

Ayla Kian Mehr | Reporter


People walk along the streets with large water bottles and soft drink cups on a sweltering, sunny day. It comes to show that we are always drinking. Whether it is a sweet Starbucks beverage or simply a cup of water, it is second nature to us to hydrate. But why is hydration and water so important?


Water Regulates Internal Body Temperature

By sweating, the Human body can prevent overheating when the external temperature gets too high. “The evaporation of sweat brings a loss of calories, in the form of heat. This release of energy enables our internal temperature to remain constant,” according to Nestle Waters, “we lose about 450 ml of water per day via perspiration in a temperate environment.” During exercise, however, the amount of water lost increases. Ensure to drink enough water when exercising to prevent overheating.


Water Keeps Joints Lubricated and Flexible

Synovial fluid directly lubricates joints. “This fluid reduces the friction between joints and helps to maintain healthy tissue and joints,” reported Illinois Bone and Joint Institute. This fluid is primarily composed of water. Staying hydrated helps promote healthy joints.


Water Improves Skin Complexion and Elasticity

Water helps the body combat skin conditions and improve complexion. Water does this by helping the body flush out toxins. “In addition, one study by the University of Missouri-Columbia found that drinking two cups of water increased blood flow to the skin, which can help even out your skin tone and complexion” as reported in Manna Hydration.


Water Aids in Digestion

As soon as food enters your mouth, the digestion process begins with Saliva, primarily made out of water. “Digestion relies on enzymes that are found in saliva to help break down food and liquid and to dissolve minerals and other nutrients. Proper digestion makes minerals and nutrients more accessible to the body,” reported Everyday Health. Water is also necessary to break down soluble fiber which benefits bowel health.