Scars: Lessons, Reminders, Stories

Scars: Lessons, Reminders, Stories

Scars are formed by tissue that replaces our skin after we’ve suffered an injury. They are part of our natural healing process. Scars are marks on our bodies that leave imprints in our minds and on our souls. No matter who you are, how you acquired the scar, or how big or small the scar is, it affects people in all sorts of unique ways. Scars teach us lessons, give us reminders, and create great stories we can share with our friends and other people we cherish in our lives, whether it’s a hilarious story or something that truly left a deep mark on us.

Blair Benton: Senior

“My first time holding a cat resulted in needing stitches between my fingers. I was on a bowling team at the time, so I was unable to bowl for a few weeks. For a while, it was a reminder of how much I hate cats. Ironically, now they’re my favorite animal.”

Finley Istwan: Freshman

“I was 6 years old and I decided to cut a frozen bagel all by myself. While cutting it, the knife slipped and cut open my first finger, bleeding everywhere. I just sat there and then went to my mom’s room. Half asleep, she told me to put a bandaid on it. I knew that wasn’t right, so I went downstairs to my sister, she screamed and ran up to my mom. They then took me to urgent care to get stitches. The scar made me insecure because I thought my finger looked ugly, but I don’t care anymore and it serves as a reminder not to cut frozen bagels. People ask whenever they see it, and I think it’s a funny story to tell.”

Mina Albahhash: Junior

“ When my family was in Iraq, I was 3 years old and I asked my mom to get me my necklace and when she handed it to me, I got so excited and I accidentally tripped and scraped my eyebrow on my mom and dad’s bed. When it happened, my dad actually thought I lost an eye because I wouldn’t move my hand from my eye so I caused a big scare to my family.”

Jazz Payne: Senior

“I got my car from when we were running outside in P.E. While I was running, I slid across fresh asphalt and it gave me a scar. It taught me to be more careful and serves as a reminder that I took a pretty hard fall and did not cry, so it shows how tough I am.”

*was not comfortable sharing photo because of the odd placement of the scar*

Dina Albahhash: Senior

“ My family was at Shelter Gardens and my dad said whoever can run the fastest back to them would get ice cream, so my sister and I started circling the water fountain and we ran into each other. I always look at it and it really makes me laugh because of how childish my sister and I were being and how much we’ve grown up since then.”

Rafe Kinworthy: Senior

“I was baking and I lost my grip on the baking sheet and it burned my upper left arm. I honestly didn’t even feel it. It’s a decently long scar, but I usually keep it covered. Sometimes people will ask me and I’ll tell them the story.”

Carson Lankton: Senior

“I got a scar from a skateboard slam. I was bombing a hill and close to the bottom I started getting speed wobbles. It made me wipe out and scraped my arm and leg and also broke my left arm. The scar is on my hip and somehow scraped me through my pants without tearing them, and to top it all off this was right before I had to go get school pictures taken. I had to get changed and get my picture taken all while my arm was broken and then immediately went to the hospital. So, in the yearbook photo last year, I’m cradling my arm right below the border.”

*was not comfortable sharing photo because of the odd placement of the scar*