Flashletics: October



Hickman’s varsity volleyball has won fourteen games so far this season. Coach Gunn stated, “Our players have shown tremendous grit in the face of pressure several times this season already. The varsity team won their home tournament after an extremely long day of play and pushed through the fatigue to finish strong. They did the same thing at the Winnetonka tournament, finishing first in the consolation bracket in a hard-fought 29-27, 28-26 final match against St. Joseph Central. The JV and freshman teams have also both come from behind wins in pressure situations.”



Hickman softball has won four games so far this season. They have put in a ton of hard work and dedication into making this season a great one. Coach Haskell states the athletes this year, “are extremely resilient…” and, “know how to have fun.” Hickman is extremely proud of our athletics.



Hickman football has won one game this season. When asked what he is most proud of, Coach Alvis says “This team has done a phenomenal job of bonding and battling adversity.” “The gains they have made in the weight room and gains as a team have been amazing to watch.” The team has worked extremely hard this season to get where they are now. There have been many challenges that they have overcome.



Hickman’s boys soccer has a total of 8 wins. When asked how his athletes have impressed him, Coach Willem said, “I have been most impressed by their willingness and ability to improve as people. I think we have a strong group of maturing individuals who are willing to recognize their mistakes, admit them, and work to correct them. That doesn’t mean we don’t do some less-than-amazing things at times, but to recognize that and work to do better the next time is what defines us as individuals. We’ve still got a long way to go, but I have been impressed by their understanding that there is more to being part of a larger group than just the results on the field.”