Smart Mouth Switch


Savannah Armistead, Reporter

The CPS nutritional advisory has switched from Domino’s pizza to Smart Mouth pizza, which has made some heads and sparked some curiosity.

We switched due to Smart Mouth being a better pizza flavor, it is more predictable product, we wanted better control over quality and safety,” said the CPS nutritional service director Laina Fullum. “Delivery timing sometimes were an issue with Dominos. We know our students expect and deserve consistent and reliable services. The product is fresher. The ingredient supply company we are now using is helping to train staff on how to produce a consistent and high quality pizza.”

The kitchen staff at every high school makes the pizza on site fresh everyday. The Smart Mouth pizza contains very similar health benefits as Domino’s pizza.

“The crust is still 51% whole grain, the product low sodium, and has no trans fats,” said Fullum. “Pizza can actually be a health conscious food if the ingredients are healthy to begin with, and the portion size moderate.”

The kitchen staff has to make a lot more pizzas, but a lot of people agree that they taste better and are better quality. For the most part, everyone seems to enjoy the unexpected change.