Lunch Bunch: Adventures in Lucky’s Market

The lunch bunch leaves campus for one last time before Christmas Break arrives! This time we ventured to a student favorite, Lucky’s. We decided to get the classic pizza and sushi. The drive to Lucky’s is a short 5 minutes although it may be hard to have enough time to sit and eat in one lunch period.

We tried two different types of sushi. The Vegetarian roll and the California roll and both were very good. Both rolls had great flavors and textures which made them very pleasing. The sushi is a good healthy lunch and surprisingly very filling. Lucky’s has nailed their quick and easy sushi to be able to pick up and eat pretty much anywhere. Inside of the Vegetarian roll there were carrots, cucumbers, and avocado which had a taste that brought back memories of the summer. The California roll had avocado, imitation crab, and cucumber surrounded by white rice. The overall taste of the sushi was great however the small packet of soy sauce was a small amount for such a large amount of sushi.

Overall the sushi from Lucky’s was very tasty and a great way to have a healthy and delicious lunch.

The next thing that we ordered was the popular Lucky’s pizza. The pizza is freshly made behind a bar which allows you to see most of the cooking process. The flavors on the pizza was great, however, the crust was a bit thicker that we had liked very accommodating and relaxing even though you are only in a grocery store.

Lucky’s pizza is a good lunch and is a very affordable price for the quality of food. The pizza price is $2.50 which allows you to get your money’s worth as the pizza slices are very large.

Even though Lucky’s is a grocery store, they still have a place for customers to sit, eat, and converse with friends. The cafe area has a variety of seating including couches, a bar, and tables. The cafe is very accommodating and relaxing even though you are only in a grocery store.

Overall Lucky’s provided great food, a comfortable atmosphere, and a fun lunch trip with friends. With all of these factors counted in we rate Lucky’s a 4.5 out of 5 Kewpies.