Lunch Bunch: Journey to Formosa

Silvia Stambaugh, Ella Boyt, and Ben Cohen

Welcome to a new semester! For our first lunch trip of the new year we took a short journey down the road to Formosa. The drive to Formosa is a short one, only five minutes from Hickman. Offering an array of Chinese cuisine and several daily specials, Formosa is a great lunch choice for any chinese food enthusiast. Upon arriving at Formosa there was no wait to be seated and the service was quick and inviting. The waitress took our orders as soon as we were ready and the food was out and ready to eat within ten minutes of ordering. The only logistical issue we encountered is that Formosa does not open until 11 am, eliminating it as an option for those who have A lunch.


Formosa was clean, simple, and inviting. They offer lunch specials everyday between noon and 3 pm. There are no shortage of options for very affordable prices, (the average price for a lunch special was around $5.65). A lunch special comes with your choice of meat, a bowl of soup, and either an egg roll or crab rangoon.

First we ordered General Tso’s chicken and wonton soup as a lunch special. The chicken was very tasty and the spice level was tolerable. The main meals were delicious, however, we recommend avoiding the soups. The soups textures, flavors, and presentations were not the most appealing. The hot and sour soup was a brownish color that left an unpleasant aftertaste in your mouth after the first couple bites. The wonton soup had delicious wontons, however the base of the soup had an unpleasant oil taste that was unexpected and revolting.


The General Tso’s chicken was served with a side of rice and an eggroll. The chicken and the rice gave you the delicious mix of heat and crunch. The chicken was very flavorful and filling. The food was enough to fill you up and provide you with leftovers to snack on for the rest of the day. Overall this meal tasted great, left you full, and is a great place to spend your lunch break.

Our sesame chicken and hot and sour soup came out next. With such large portions, one meal would easily be able to feed two people. The soup was not the best, however, the rest of the meal made up for it. The chicken had the perfect flavor and was not too sweet. The crab rangoon that came with the meal was creamy and nothing short of amazing. The consistency was perfect and the crab was not overpowering. All in all, this meal was delicious. For such a large portion for so cheap, we definitely recommend Formosa to anyone with a craving for some classic Chinese cuisine.


We thought this meal was very good. It satisfied our craving for Chinese food and left us feeling great. Overall we give Formosa a 3.5 out of 5 stars. If you are looking for some good Chinese food at an affordable price without straying too far from our beloved campus, we recommend trying Formosa for your next lunch time excursion.