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Kelli Fletcher

Kelli Fletcher, Reporter

Kelli Fletcher is a sophomore at Hickman. This is her first year working on the school newspaper. When asked about what drew her to journalism she said: “From a young age I have always loved to be able to spread information. I don’t like when people are confused. There was never a specific turning point that made me like that, it’s always been my personality. I’ve always had a bit of that journalism brain I guess you could say.” She went on to explain the way she found her fascination with writing. “I found this interest both on my own and looking up to a whole host of people. In fifth grade, I wrote a paper about Suzanne Malveaux. From that paper on, my mind was set on journalism and wanting to get the facts straight.” She also discussed her future plans in the journalistic world, saying, “I want to go to Mizzou, the Journalism school, all of it. I want to study sports journalism, which is a slightly separate category, but still holds on to the journalism roots nonetheless.”

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Kelli Fletcher