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Elliot Muhlenbruck
My greatest accomplishment would be coming back from seventh grade, I broke my arm and leg. Being in a cast and boot, I never thought I would come back. But I came back to playing sports, my parents helped me get healthy and back to normal life again. The happiest moment in my life would have to be when I got my dog because I love dogs a lot. Before getting him in sixth grade I didn’t have any pets. I got him as an early Christmas gift, we unwrapped the package, it was a surprise.  I always wanted one as a younger kid. Snakes are my biggest fear when they are near me or coming towards me, I just don’t like the way they move. I usually don’t kill them unless they come near more or if I have something. Tornadoes also scare me, when the tornado sirens are going off. A person influential to me is Eliud Kipchoge, his journey inspires me and makes me think that humans are limitless. The saddest moment in my life would be when my grandpa died, in 2017. I loved him a lot and we did almost everything together, he always bought treats for me.

Elliot Muhlenbruck, Reporter

Oct 14, 2020
The Fate of Recruits (Story)
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Elliot Muhlenbruck