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Faith Cummings, Reporter and Blogger

"My greatest fear is growing up with all these hopes and dreams and not doing any of them,” Faith Cummings states. “One dream I have to accomplish is to reach my full potential in swimming,” she reveals, “and that should come with college.” Faith is a junior in high school this year, is new to Columbia, and grew up in the faraway and chilly city of Anchorage, Alaska. Faith describes herself as active, extroverted, and a leader. Naturally, quarantine has been difficult for her and required her to find things to do besides going out with friends. Faith conveyed that the most influential people in her life are her parents and grandpa. Faith says, “My parents are because they have survived by Dad being deployed for 13 years of 20 years being married and my grandpa is because he has survived many rounds of cancer and treatments and is still pushing on and persevering.” Faith describes her dad’s deployment by stating, “My greatest challenge I have faced is my dad leaving on deployment for so many years, it’s hard knowing you have two parent figures but only one of them is there at the moment.” She remembers her most cherished childhood memory being a fishing trip with her grandpa on the lake he named after her in Northern Ontario. When asked what skill she is most proud of, Faith responded, “I am most proud of my ability to lead and accomplish things that I want to get done.

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