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Dark vigilante: the origins of Batman

Christopher Nolan’s original take on the start of Batman

“Batman Begins,” a superhero film from 2005, was directed by Christopher Nolan and scripted by Nolan alongside David S. Goyer. The duo accomplished a remarkable feat in crafting a unique interpretation of Batman’s origin. 


Christopher Nolan’s “Batman Begins” movie stands as the ultimate origin story, skillfully written and directed, offering one of the finest portrayals of how Bruce Wayne transforms into Batman from the realm of DC comics to television screens.


In addition to this, the casting directors (John Papsidera and Lucinda Syson) did an outstanding job for the cast of the characters. 


For example, Morgan Freeman is the most well-known actor in “Batman Begins,” but he isn’t the movie’s star. Instead, the main lead of the 2005 film is Christian Bale (American Psycho), who plays Bruce Wayne/Batman. 


Following the main lead actor, Katie Holmes (Brahms: The Boy II), plays Batman’s love interest, Rachel Dawes, and Cillian Murphy (Oppenheimer) plays Dr. Jonathan Crane — The Scarecrow.


The movie begins with a clip of when Bruce Wayne and his childhood best friend, Rachel Dawes, are young and playing in the Wayne Manor garden. They chased after each other which eventually led Bruce to fall into an old well, and accidentally disrupt a cave of bats. This event caused Bruce to develop a fear of bats, which led to a series of unfortunate events, a.k.a. the death of his parents.


An opera play that the Wayne family went to see. The play stars bat-like creatures for characters. Obtained from IMDb.

The Wayne family goes to see an opera. In the brief snippet of the play, Bruce is visibly uncomfortable and on the verge of panicking because of the bat costumes. This prompts the boy and his family to leave the theater, and just mere moments later, Bruces’ parents get shot by a common mugger.


As horrible as it sounds, I utterly loved how realistic Bruce’s reaction was to watching his parents die in front of him. The way he fluently went through the different emotions he felt was just…spot on. For a moment, he was confused about what was going on, and then that confusion turned into panic which turned into fear, and in the end he was left in shock and tears from the tragedy. Kudos to Gus Lewis (young Bruce), who pulled this scene off perfectly.


The movie only gets better as it progresses.


Christopher Nolan did a fantastic job directing the focus on both Bruce Wayne and his secret persona, Batman, throughout the movie.

Bruce Wayne as a child, in shock and crying over his parents’ bodies. Obtained from

Bruce wanted to take revenge on the person who killed his parents, he craved it, but he was never able to achieve this goal. Instead of turning into a billionaire villain, he had a conversation with the person who stopped him from obtaining his revenge. It opened his eyes and reminded him why he really returned to Gotham: to serve justice.


The build-up of how Bruce Wayne became Batman and the emotions that came with it were realistic and weren’t rushed. His bat suit came from the family business, the same as the Batmobile and the gadgets he uses. All of which were rejected, expensive military-purposed equipment.


He didn’t know exactly what to do right off the bat, which honestly makes everything better. He learned from the mistakes he made.

Bruce returns to the cave he fell into when he was young, which was right underneath his home, and overcoming his fear of bats, making the cave what is known as the “bat cave.”


All in all, if you’re looking for an interesting and unrushed origin story about how Bruce Wayne became Batman, this movie is for you. Christopher Nolan took his time and a whole lot of effort for this masterpiece of a movie. Making it the best origin story for DC’s Batman.

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