Avery Dixon

Over the past few weeks, there has been lots of talk about sexual misconduct and sexual assault stemming from the conversation about the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh. A voice has sprung up from the females of Hickman High School in the form of papers taped to the walls of the girls’ bathroom stalls titled #WhyIDidn’tReport. These pages are designated places for the young women who have experienced similar wrongs to anonymously come forward about their experiences. Several have already come forward with short but nonetheless heart-wrenching reasons for their silence. Some examples of the answers include, “I did, and you ignored me.”, “I did and my mom said he was sorry and would stop. But he didn’t.”, and, “Because I was the ‘troubled’ girl that causes problems.”

A quick search on Google will show that this is not only a movement within Hickman but within the United States as a whole. Scores of women are coming forth with horrifying accounts of what they have endured surrounding sexual assault through media outlets such as Twitter and Instagram, and some have even come forth in widely known news sources such as Teen Vogue, Marie Claire, and many other women’s magazines.

  No human should have to undergo the fear and pain the abuse brings. If you have dealt with this in any way and need to talk to someone, please consider speaking to your school counselor or another trusted adult. Another resource is the  National Sexual Assault Number which is 1-800-656-4673.