Fall Football Focus


The fall is the only time of year when you can not only see a change in everything around you, you feel it. The air gets crisper, the leaves become more colorful, the days get shorter and everyone gets back on schedule. Fall is the perfect time of year to have some good Thanksgiving dinner with your family and sit and watch the games going on during that day. According to Bleacher Report, one fall NFL tradition is the “Lambeau Leap,” which is a tradition for the Green Bay Packers. The Leap is where after most touchdowns at a home game, a player vaults on top of the wall separating the fans from the field in the endzone. Some parts of the wall are up to 6 feet tall and the fans show love by patting the player on the back and hugging them. Bleacher Report also stated that the Denver Broncos have a very popular tradition that is called the Mascot Gallop and Salute. At home games, after each touchdown, a dappled white Arabian gelding called Thunder gallops down the field carrying a female rider wearing orange, navy blue and white team colors. Denver is also known for its “Mile High Salute.” The Mile High Salute is more than an endzone celebration for the Denver Broncos. This salute is where the players and fans collaborate in a huge salute. The Detroit Lions have played on Thanksgiving every year since 1945 according to the Bleacher Report, and the Dallas Cowboys have taken up this tradition since 1966. Thanksgiving football in Detroit and Dallas now seems as traditional as a Turkey roasting in the oven and family members arguing over who gets the drumsticks. While there are differences from the NFL level of football to high school football, there are also many similarities.

In both the highschool and NFL level, there is motivation. Assistant Football Coach Porter stated that his motivation is, “The love for the game, of course, and being a positive role model and making a positive impact on the student-athletes at Hickman on and off the field.” Coach Alvis said his motivation to coach is “competition. The idea of getting better and being able to compete.” Junior football player, Rodney McNeil, said his motivation to play is his grandpa and his family.

These coaches and players talked about how they handle pressure in their work. Coach Porter says, “I feel as though I handle pressure well. I just try to be as prepared as I can, which takes a bit of pressure off.” Head Football Coach Alvis, says that he uses deep breaths to handle pressure in his work. 

Handling pressure in your work also relates to the lessons these coaches have learned from what they do. Coach Alvis talked about the lessons he has learned saying, “Patience and relationships.  Not everything happens at once, and you build meaningful relationships with those you spend the most time with.” Coach Porter’s lessons he has learned are, “Not taking anything for granted or leaving anything to chance when it comes to the game of football and preparation.”

All of these players and coaches have a daily routine. Coach Alvis stated his daily routine is “film, weights, practice, more film.” Coach Porter talked about his daily routine stating, “Well, each day is different, but throughout a normal practice day I get depth charts and a practice plan prepared for the day. I make sure I have the equipment and everything that is needed for the day.”

Some players had a hard transition from football to basketball, like team member Rodney McNeil. He said the transition from football to basketball was “very difficult because the conditioning was different and the style of practices are much different.” This is a similar answer between many two sport athletes that were interviewed. Elijah Mortan, a junior linebacker, and Advante Bussy, a junior defensive end, have both said that the conditioning and practice are very different.

In conclusion, football during the fall has a very different mood, with the weather shifting, leaves changing colors, football ending and basketball starting, and Thanksgiving. Fall is the best time of year for sports and festivals, along with beautiful weather. While football differs from level to level, from the NFL to our high school, there are also many similarities.