Lunch Bunch: Adventures to Popeye’s

This month we ventured down the street to one of our close neighbors, and student frequented restaurant, Popeye’s. Popeye’s is known for their Louisiana Chicken, as well as some other items on the menu, so in an effort to try it all we ordered the spicy chicken tenders, fried chicken, popcorn shrimp, and last but not least, the Po’ Boy fish sandwich.

To start, Popeye’s is walking distance for any student who is hungry during their lunch break. Upon arriving, we walked into the building and the line to order was of typical length, despite the B lunch rush not yet having started. The food that we ordered was scrumptious. Silvia attempted to order the $5 student meal, but she did not have her student ID, so make sure to have that ready when you get to the order counter. Silvia had to settle for the $6 two piece meal. The food came out in a good amount of time. Once we sat down at the booth we immediately dug into the food.

First, we ordered the chicken meal that came with a side of red beans and rice. When it came time to eat, the large size of the chicken piece seemed too large for the amount of breading, and proved hard to eat with good manners. The side of red beans and rice tasted very good, although the beans could have been more flavorful. The amount of food was perfect for a very hungry student, but the large chicken piece proved hard to finish. The overall price was a bit high for a two piece meal of chicken and a side, so whenever you venture over to Popeye’s make sure to have your student ID with you so that you can order the five dollar student meal. Overall, we would highly recommend this meal if you are craving some good ole Louisiana fried chicken.

The Po’Boy fish sandwich was very tasty and the fish was seasoned and cooked perfectly. However, the only toppings on the sandwich were fish, pickles, lettuce, and mayonnaise. There definitely could have been more ingredients on the Po’Boy to really put it over the top. As a side, we ordered mashed potatoes. They were very hot- perfect for a cold day. They weren’t especially salty, but there was an overwhelming flavor. Although we couldn’t pinpoint the exact flavor, the potatoes tasted very similar to the red beans and rice. Overall, the Po’Boy and mashed potatoes were a good option for our lunch period. In addition to the fish Po’Boy, there were also several options for chicken Po’Boys if you’re not too keen on fast food fish.

Next, we bought a basket of spicy chicken tenders which met, if not exceeded, our expectations. Overall factoring in the taste, wait, and atmosphere, we would rate Popeye’s a solid 4 out of 5 Kewpies. Because Popeye’s is so close and very accessible to hungry high schoolers, we would definitely recommend this restaurant for any student wanting to get a good lunch that will leave you full and satisfied. The food tasted delicious. The serving sizes were large and filling so if you are wanting to get a satisfying meal, consider heading over to our neighbors, Popeye’s.